Classic Cakes


Red velvet Cake

We make the best version of this velvety smooth cake by adding lots of rich and creamy cheese frosting. Experience the taste of velvety moist cake with extra cheesy frosting in our red velvet cake.

Size 20 cm IDR 430.000

Size 16 cm IDR 280.000

Slice 45.000


Dreamy Matcha Cake

3 layers of moist matcha cake covered with matcha frosting. Inside we decided to layer it with heavenly raspberry and white chocolate cream, to balance out the matcha flavor. So you get the comforting matcha flavor, the sweetness of white chocolate, and the freshness of raspberry cream. So Dreamy!

Size 20 cm IDR 480.000

Slice 50.000


Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

The tenderness of this nutty peanut butter chocolate cake is absolutely irresistible. Two layers of dark chocolate cake sandwiched between creamy and delicious peanut butter frosting. Fully covered with creamy and rich belgian chocolate .

Size 20 cm IDR 460.000

Size 16 cm IDR 295.000

Slice IDR 48.000


Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Cake

The ultimate cake for chocolate and lotus biscoff lovers! Two layers of dark chocolate cake sandwiched together with creamy lotus biscoff frosting and topped with biscoff drip.

Size 20 cm IDR 450.000

Size 16 cm IDR 290.000

Slice 47.000


Earl Grey Almond Cheese Cake

Soft, moist, and fluffy earl grey cake with salted caramel, and frosted with almond cheese cream. Very calming and delicious!

Size 20 cm IDR 410.000

Slice IDR 43.000


Nutella Melt Cake

Special birthday coming up? This nutella melt cake is everyone's favorite! Perfectly moist and decadent. Rich and tender vanilla cake paired with chocolate frosting, melted nutella in-between, melted chocolate and fresh strawberries on top.

Size 12 cm IDR 150.000


Strawberry Blossom Cake

Moist, buttery, soft and tender vanilla cake with home made strawberry jam and vanilla cream sandwiched in-between.
Full of delicious flavor, this cake is perfect for any celebration or an afternoon tea. If you love strawberry, you must try this cake! It is everything you would ever want out of a vanilla cake with strawberry filling.

Size 12 cm IDR 135.000


Snow Cheese Cake

The combination of cheesy, rich, buttery and soft cake is sure to be a hit at every moment. Topped with lemony american buttercream, and loaded with a generous amount of high quality shredded cheddar cheese. The cake itself is perfectly good and cheesy!

Size 10 x 20cm IDR 180.000

Size 20 x 20cm IDR 340.000

Mini IDR 34.000


New York - Style Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

The famous and unique lotus biscoff paired with creamy and heavenly new york cheesecake. No wonder it becomes our best selling product. Lotus biscoff cheesecake is the perfect choice for any special occasion.

Size 15 cm IDR 230.000

Size 20 cm IDR 400.000

Slice IDR 42.000


New York - Style Strawberry Cheesecake

Want to overwhelm your loved ones with happiness? Choose our strawberry cheesecake! This dense and fresh strawberry new york cheesecake will never fail to brighten up any moment.

Size 15 cm IDR 245.000

Size 20 cm IDR 420.000

Slice IDR 44.000


New York - Style Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Here's the winner for chocolate and cheese lover. The richness of high quality cream cheese and chocolate taste like heaven on earth. This one will lift up your mood from the first bite.

Size 15 cm IDR 230.000

Size 20 cm IDR 400.000

Slice IDR 42.000


Hazelnut Chocolate Marble Cake

Rich. moist, and fluffy chocolate and vanilla cake with nutella chocolate drip and crunchy hazelnut chunks.

Size 20 cm IDR 340.000

Slice IDR 18.000


Lemon Blueberry Cake

Lemony, fresh, and scrumptious cake with blueberries and white chocolate drip.

Size 20 cm IDR 320.000

Slice IDR 17.000